at 3年前  ca 了不起的盖茨比英文原文  pv 2583  by 菲茨杰拉德  


     When I came home to West Egg that night I was afraid for a moment that my house was on fire. Two o’clock and the whole corner of the peninsula was blazing with light, which fell unreal on the shrubbery and made thin elongating glints upon the roadside wires. Turning a corner, I saw that it was Gatsby’s house, lit from tower to cellar.

         词汇:peninsula :[pəˈnɪnsjələ]半岛。Blaze:[bleɪz] [V] 熊熊燃烧。Shrubbery:[ˈʃrʌbəri] 灌木丛。Elongate: [ˈiːlɒŋɡeɪt] (使)拉长;(使)延长。 Glint: [ɡlɪnt] 闪光;闪亮。lit :light的过去分词和过去式。

    了不起的盖茨比第五章(会面前的准备)  第1张      那晚我回到西卵的时,惊吓了好一会儿,因为我的房子好像着了火。已夜至两点,而半岛处处却都被照得通明,照在灌木丛上仿若幻象,还照在路边的电线上,映出了一条条细长的闪光。我转过身,才发现原来是盖茨比的别墅,从高塔到地窖都明亮亮的。

    At first I thought it was another party, a wild rout that had resolved itself into “hide-and-go-seek.” or “sardines-in-the-box.” with all the house thrown open to the game. But there wasn’t a sound. Only wind in the trees, which blew the wires and made the lights go off and on again as if the house had winked into the darkness. As my taxi groaned away I saw Gatsby walking toward me across his lawn.

词汇:Rout: [raʊt]原意是“暴动”,这里“a wild rout”指“一场盛大狂欢”。    

sardines-in-the-box:a game like hide and seek; one person hides and everyone else looks for that person。    

Groan:[ɡrəʊn] 呻吟声;叹息声;哼哼声;嘎吱声。


 “Your place looks like the World’s Fair,” I said.


 “Does it?” He turned his eyes toward it absently. “I have been glancing into some of the rooms. Let’s go to Coney Island, old sport. In my car.”

词汇:Absently:[ˈæbsəntli] adv.心不在焉地;出神地。



  “It’s too late.”


  “Well, suppose we take a plunge in the swimming-pool? I haven’t made use of it all summer.”


  “I’ve got to go to bed.”


  “All right.”


   He waited, looking at me with suppressed eagerness.


  “I talked with Miss Baker,” I said after a moment. “I’m going to call up Daisy to-morrow and invite her over here to tea.”


  “Oh, that’s all right,” he said carelessly. “I don’t want to put you to any trouble.”


  “What day would suit you?”


  “What day would suit YOU?” he corrected me quickly. “I don’t want to put you to any trouble, you see.”


    “How about the day after to-morrow?”


     He considered for a moment. Then, with reluctance:“I want to get the grass cut,” he said.


   We both looked at the grass—there was a sharp line where my ragged lawn ended and the darker, well-kept expanse of his began. I suspected that he meant my grass.


  “There’s another little thing,” he said uncertainly, and hesitated.


  “Would you rather put it off for a few days?” I asked.


  “Oh, it isn’t about that. At least——” He fumbled with a series of beginnings. “Why, I thought—why, look here, old sport, you don’t make much money, do you?”


  “Not very much.”


   This seemed to reassure him and he continued more confidently.


  “I thought you didn’t, if you’ll pardon my—You see, I carry on a little business on the side, a sort of side line, you understand. And I thought that if you don’t make very much—You’re selling bonds, aren’t you, old sport?”


  “Trying to.”


    “Well, this would interest you. It wouldn’t take up much of your time and you might pick up a nice bit of money. It happens to be a rather confidential sort of thing.”

Confidential: [ˌkɒnfɪˈdenʃl] 机密的;保密的;秘密的。


     I realize now that under different circumstances that conversation might have been one of the crises of my life. But, because the offer was obviously and tactlessly for a service to be rendered, I had no choice except to cut him off there.

词汇:Crisis:紧要关头,决定性时刻。tactless [ˈtæktləs]   (言行)未经考虑的,冒失的,没分寸的。
    If you describe someone as tactless, you think what they say or do is likely to offend other people.


  “I’ve got my hands full,” I said. “I’m much obliged but I couldn’t take on any more work.”


  “You wouldn’t have to do any business with Wolfshiem.” Evidently he thought that I was shying away from the “gonnegtion.” mentioned at lunch, but I assured him he was wrong. He waited a moment longer, hoping I’d begin a conversation, but I was too absorbed to be responsive, so he went unwillingly home.


  The evening had made me light-headed and happy; I think I walked into a deep sleep as I entered my front door. So I didn’t know whether or not Gatsby went to Coney Island, or for how many hours he “glanced into rooms.” while his house blazed gaudily on. I called up Daisy from the office next morning, and invited her to come to tea.


  “Don’t bring Tom,” I warned her.




  “Don’t bring Tom.”


  “Who is ‘Tom’?” she asked innocently.


    The day agreed upon was pouring rain. At eleven o’clock a man in a raincoat, dragging a lawn-mower, tapped at my front door and said that Mr. Gatsby had sent him over to cut my grass. This reminded me that I had forgotten to tell my Finn to come back, so I drove into West Egg Village to search for her among soggy, whitewashed alleys and to buy some cups and lemons and flowers.

词汇:Soggy:潮湿的Something that is soggy is unpleasantly wet.。Alley:(建筑群中间或后面的)小街,小巷,胡同。


  The flowers were unnecessary, for at two o’clock a greenhouse arrived from Gatsby’s, with innumerable receptacles to contain it. An hour later the front door opened nervously, and Gatsby, in a white flannel suit, silver shirt, and gold-colored tie, hurried in. He was pale, and there were dark signs of sleeplessness beneath his eyes.

了不起的盖茨比第五章(会面前的准备)  第2张


  “Is everything all right?” he asked immediately.


  “The grass looks fine, if that’s what you mean.”


  “What grass?” he inquired blankly. “Oh, the grass in the yard.” He looked out the window at it, but, judging from his expression, I don’t believe he saw a thing.

   “什么草坪?”他茫然地问,“哦,院子里的草坪。” 他从窗子里向外看,不过从他的表情来看,我不信他真留意了窗外的事物。 

 “Looks very good,” he remarked vaguely. “One of the papers said they thought the rain would stop about four. I think it was the JOURNAL. Have you got everything you need in the shape of—of tea?”


    I took him into the pantry, where he looked a little reproachfully at the Finn. Together we scrutinized the twelve lemon cakes from the delicatessen shop.




  “Will they do?” I asked.


   “Of course, of course! They’re fine!” and he added hollowly, “. . .old sport.”



            The rain cooled about half-past three to a damp mist, through which occasional thin drops swam like dew. Gatsby looked with vacant eyes through a copy of Clay’s ECONOMICS, starting at the Finnish tread that shook the kitchen floor, and peering toward the bleared windows from time to time as if a series of invisible but alarming happenings were taking place outside. Finally he got up and informed me, in an uncertain voice, that he was going home.

词汇:Mist:薄雾;水汽;液体喷雾。Swam:游;游动。swim的过去式。Vacant:无神的;呆滞的;茫然的;若有所失的。tread:步法;步态;脚步声。 Blear: (轮廓)模糊的;朦胧的。


  “Why’s that?”


  “Nobody’s coming to tea. It’s too late!” He looked at his watch as if there was some pressing demand on his time elsewhere. “I can’t wait all day.”


  “Don’t be silly; it’s just two minutes to four.”


    He sat down miserably, as if I had pushed him, and simultaneously there was the sound of a motor turning into my lane. We both jumped up, and, a little harrowed myself, I went out into the yard.

Lane:小巷;胡同;里弄。harrow :[ˈhæroʊ]  耙地;折磨,使苦恼。


    Under the dripping bare lilac-trees a large open car was coming up the drive. It stopped. Daisy’s face, tipped sideways beneath a three-cornered lavender hat, looked out at me with a bright ecstatic smile.



 “Is this absolutely where you live, my dearest one?”


    The exhilarating ripple of her voice was a wild tonic in the rain. I had to follow the sound of it for a moment, up and down, with my ear alone, before any words came through. A damp streak of hair lay like a dash of blue paint across her cheek, and her hand was wet with glistening drops as I took it to help her from the car.



了不起的盖茨比第五章(会面前的准备)  第3张

  “Are you in love with me,” she said low in my ear, “or why did I have to come alone?”


  “That’s the secret of Castle Rackrent. Tell your chauffeur to go far away and spend an hour.”



    “Come back in an hour, Ferdie.” Then in a grave murmur: “His name is Ferdie.”


  “Does the gasoline affect his nose?”


  “I don’t think so,” she said innocently. “Why?”


  We went in. To my overwhelming surprise the living-room was deserted.


  “Well, that’s funny,” I exclaimed.


  “What’s funny?”


  She turned her head as there was a light dignified knocking at the front door. I went out and opened it. Gatsby, pale as death, with his hands plunged like weights in his coat pockets, was standing in a puddle of water glaring tragically into my eyes.


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