at 3年前  ca 了不起的盖茨比英文原文  pv 4379  by 菲茨杰拉德  


    I had talked with him perhaps half a dozen times in the past month and found, to my disappointment, that he had little to say: So my first impression, that he was a person of some undefined consequence, had gradually faded and he had become simply the proprietor of an elaborate road-house next door.


   And then came that disconcerting ride. We hadn’t reached West Egg village before Gatsby began leaving his elegant sentences unfinished and slapping himself indecisively on the knee of his caramel-colored suit.

[disconcerting: 令人不安的;令人困惑的;令人尴尬的   If you say that something is disconcerting, you mean that it makes you feel anxious, confused, or embarrassed.]


 “Look here, old sport,” he broke out surprisingly.          “What’s your opinion of me, anyhow?”


  A little overwhelmed, I began the generalized evasions which that question deserves.


 “Well, I’m going to tell you something about my life,” he interrupted. “I don’t want you to get a wrong idea of me from all these stories you hear.”


  So he was aware of the bizarre accusations that flavored conversation in his halls.


 “I’ll tell you God’s truth.” His right hand suddenly ordered divine retribution to stand by. “I am the son of some wealthy people in the Middle West—all dead now. I was brought up in America but educated at Oxford, because all my ancestors have been educated there for many years. It is a family tradition.”


  He looked at me sideways—and I knew why Jordan Baker had believed he was lying. He hurried the phrase “educated at Oxford,” or swallowed it, or choked on it, as though it had bothered him before. And with this doubt, his whole statement fell to pieces, and I wondered if there wasn’t something a little sinister about him, after all.


 “What part of the Middle West?” I inquired casually.


“San Francisco.”



  “I see.”


  “My family all died and I came into a good deal of money.”


   His voice was solemn, as if the memory of that sudden extinction of a clan still haunted him. For a moment I suspected that he was pulling my leg, but a glance at him convinced me otherwise.


“After that I lived like a young rajah in all the capitals of Europe—Paris, Venice, Rome—collecting jewels, chiefly rubies, hunting big game, painting a little, things for myself only, and trying to forget something very sad that had happened to me long ago.”

[rajah: [ˈrɑːdʒə] the king or ruler of an Indian state.(印度的)王公,邦主]


 With an effort I managed to restrain my incredulous laughter. The very phrases were worn so threadbare that they evoked no image except that of a turbaned “character.” leaking sawdust at every pore as he pursued a tiger through the Bois de Boulogne.

[threadbare: [ˈθredbeə(r)] (论点、借口等) 老一套的;陈腐的 leaking sawdust at every pore:Nike is saying that he’s statements are obviously lies.   turbaned:缠头巾的;包着头巾的]



  “Then came the war, old sport. It was a great relief, and I tried very hard to die, but I seemed to bear an enchanted life. I accepted a commission as first lieutenant when it began. In the Argonne Forest I took two machine-gun detachments[支队] so far forward that there was a half mile gap on either side of us where the infantry couldn’t advance. We stayed there two days and two nights, a hundred and thirty men with sixteen Lewis guns, and when the infantry came up at last they found the insignia of three German divisions among the piles of dead. I was promoted to be a major, and every Allied government gave me a decoration[奖章]—even Montenegro, little Montenegro down on the Adriatic Sea!”



  Little Montenegro! He lifted up the words and nodded at them—with his smile. The smile comprehended Montenegro’s troubled history and sympathized with the brave struggles of the Montenegrin people. It appreciated fully the chain of national circumstances which had elicited this tribute from Montenegro’s warm little heart. My incredulity was submerged in fascination now; it was like skimming hastily through a dozen magazines.

[elicit:引起(反应);探得(信息)。 submerge:淹没。]


  He reached in his pocket, and a piece of metal, slung on a ribbon, fell into my palm.


  “That’s the one from Montenegro.”


  To my astonishment, the thing had an authentic look.


“Orderi di Danilo,” ran the circular legend, “Montenegro, Nicolas Rex.”



  “Turn it.”


  “Major Jay Gatsby,” I read, “For Valour Extraordinary.”

了不起的盖茨比(深度解读盖茨比为何编造身世)  第1张


  “Here’s another thing I always carry. A souvenir of Oxford days. It was taken in Trinity Quad—the man on my left is now the Earl of Dorcaster.”


了不起的盖茨比(深度解读盖茨比为何编造身世)  第2张


It was a photograph of half a dozen young men in blazers loafing in an archway through which were visible a host of spires. There was Gatsby, looking a little, not much, younger—with a cricket bat in his hand.

[blazer :(常带有俱乐部、学校、运动队等的颜色或徽章的)上衣,外套]

了不起的盖茨比(深度解读盖茨比为何编造身世)  第3张



Then it was all true. I saw the skins of tigers flaming in his palace on the Grand Canal; I saw him opening a chest of rubies to ease, with their crimson-lighted depths, the gnawings of his broken heart.

[chest :衣柜;箱子。gnawing: [ˈnɔːɪŋ] (长时间)折磨人的,令人痛苦的,使人苦恼的。Crimson:[ˈkrɪmzn]深红色的;暗红色的。]




    当两人动身去镇上时,据他自己透露,尼克对盖茨比几乎一无所知,他“talked with him perhaps half a dozen times in the past month.(在过去的一个月里和他谈了大概六次。)”然而,随着盖茨比讲述他的身世,一切很快就改变了。这场讨论特别重要,因为它第一次有力地表明盖茨比并不是他所表现的那样。在本章之前,关于盖茨比身世经历的谜团和猜测层出不穷,但菲茨杰拉德并没有透露足够多的细节,让读者了解他;在本章之后,将慢慢揭晓这些谜团。盖茨比告诉尼克,“God's truth(上帝的真相)”:“他来自中西部的富人”,“在牛津受过教育”,盖茨比无法自然而然地说出这些事,这提醒尼克,可能出了什么问题。当尼克问起他来自中西部的什么地方时,读者们第一次清楚地看到盖茨比在叙述一个精心设计的谎言——“旧金山”不位于中西部,尼克知道这一点。尼克一开始觉得盖茨比的故事“陈词滥调”,但当他看到照片和奖章时,他至少接受了其中的一部分。然而,他意识到盖茨比的特殊性。在称他为“角色”时,他强调了盖茨比就像演员一样表现自己。

    可悲的是,盖茨比甚至不是一个好的说谎者,他继续讲述自己的故事,好像说出来就会使人相信。在这段“disconcerting ride(令人不安)”的旅程中,盖茨比告诉尼克的每件事,看上去貌似是很坦诚的自我披露,以使尼克不会从四处流传的故事中对他产生“错误的想法”,然而这些都是盖茨比编造的剧本,作为他重塑自我计划的一部分。事实上,盖茨比描述的过去读起来像一个冒险故事,一个英雄“lived like a young rajah(像一个年轻的国王一样生活)”的浪漫故事,收藏珠宝,画画,大型狩猎活动等等。当盖茨比告诉尼克他的“family all died and [he] came into a good deal of money,(家人都死了,(他)继承了很多钱)”,这充其量只是幻想,第7章和第9章披露盖茨比的钱来自一个非常不同的地方。  



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